Why Fundraise?

Can you imagine living on $820 a month? After paying rent and utilities, the average person who comes to a food bank is left with less than $8 a day to afford food and expenses.     

Many household simply go hungry in order to afford their basic needs.  

Last year:

  • 100,000 people visited a food program
  • 28%  were children
  • 44% food bank clients went for an entire day without food
  • The #1 reason people turned to a food bank for the first time was a job loss

You can make a difference!  

  • Every dollar raised, provides one healthy meal
  • Your fundraising puts healthy food like eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables on people’s plates
  • You will be helping your community – from  Scarborough to Etobicoke and all the neighbourhoods in between, your fundraising will be helping a food program in your backyard.
  • You are Daily Bread’s great resource! Daily Bread operates on community donations and does not received any united way or core government funding
  • From after-school snack programs for kids to hot meals for seniors, your fundraising will impact the most vulnerable communities in your city

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