Fundraise for Daily Bread

Give along with friends and neighbours!

In this unprecedented time many people need help. Right now, the Daily Bread Food Bank needs help so that it can do its work. We want to help and we know you do too. So, let's put our hands together and raise some money for Daily Bread. 

We're delighted to say that we have an angel donor. Morden Yolles originally promised to match the first $5,000 we raised. But, looking at all your contributions, he changed his mind and donated $7,500. Wow! 

Just so you know, $25 will feed one family for two-three days. $100, will one provide one meal each for one hundred people. $500 will feed twenty families for two-three days each. You can figure it out from here. We hope to raise $35,000 so that Daily Bread can feed as many as possible. 

Thank you very much for joining your friends and neighbours by donating now!

You are wonderful!

Jane Price, Ian Roland and Sari Teitelbaum

PS. Please remember, Daily Bread will issue you a tax receipt if you donate more than $20.






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