Fundraise for Daily Bread (2019-20)

Karen's Quest - Daily Bread Food Drive

Because we travelled before the COVID-19 travel advisory, we have been quarantined for 14 days.  We are noticing that getting groceries delivered is getting more and more difficult.  We are very fortunate to be able to work from home with our kids, but saddened many have lost their jobs.  As I worry about my own groceries, I actually don't need to because we have options, others do not.

I never grew up feeling hungry but I realize the reason is because my parents made sacrifices so that I wouldn't ever have to. My mom used to tell us when she was a kid, she would eat out of the garbage sometimes because she was so hungry. Fast forward and living in Canada, a foreign place and foreign language, it didn't get easier. She was taking care a family of 5 during the toughest times, we were fortunate enough to have shelter, but not much besides that. My parents could not afford diapers and my mom used to wash all the clothes by hand. My mom decided to get a job at the food court at Scarborough Town Centre when I was about a year old. We had a very kind neighbour willing to watch me during this time. My mom would commute via TTC for 1.5hrs each way and she would take whatever leftovers she could from the food court. She would make sure her family was fed first. I remember all these canned goods that my parents would eat while the kids ate home cooked meals. I never understood what that meant until now that I am older and raising my own children. I never felt hunger, but having parents who did makes this cause so much more important during this time.

For my birthday this year, I would like to raise funds for the Daily Bread. I would like ensure basic needs are met for families. With food hoarding happening at the supermarkets, I can't imagine the supply at the Food Banks right now.

For every dollar raised, KPM Power will match it up to $5000.

Your generous donation will help Daily Bread meet the surge in need during this unprecedented time.

Donation receipts will be emailed to your inbox.

Thank you!

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