Fundraise for Daily Bread


Les Domestiques is no stranger to ‘saddling up’ to support the causes we care about.

Our club has been instrumental in building hospitals, velodromes, and supporting a myriad of issues...but they tend to be "long-term focused". 

As we collectively face the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our city, we need to ensure that Toronto’s most vulnerable can continue to access the food they need and that no one goes hungry.

Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank needs our help.  As usual...members have already indicated willingness to step up.  

Can we raise $400,000 by Friday, April 3?

Here’s why your support is vital. Since the pandemic hit the city three weeks ago, Daily Bread’s onsite food bank alone has experienced a 53% increase in clients.  Just at a time when food and volunteer supply has been disrupted.  The need across the city will only continue to grow – and exponentially – as the financial impacts of COVID-19 are realized.

Here’s why our gift matters. Our club’s gift will be leveraged as a matching grant to help Daily Bread raise critical funds to support its COVID-19 response efforts.

Once we have Les Domestiques' total gift...we'll leverage that through some arranged media exposure to try and match it.  If we're successful, we can hopefully raise (through our donations + public matching) close to a MILLION dollars.  

To make a donation that is above the limit on your credit card, please contact Andrew Clendinneng at or 416-616-0167 to pledge your gift.

Thank you for your generous support in these unprecedented times.


To learn more about Daily Bread’s COVID-19 response efforts, please visit

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