Fundraise for Daily Bread

#PayitForward with a simple act of kindness to ensure everyone in our city has access to food
#PayitForward with a simple act of kindness to ensure everyone in our city has access to food

The Austin Birch #PayitForwardChallenge

In March 2020, the Austin Birch team was in the midst of preparing for our brand launch with a series of meetings and events hosted at some of Toronto's top restaurants. Like everyone else, our plans were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


We count ourselves as very lucky. Despite the closure of many businesses and the 8-week standstill (so far), our team is still working, our families are healthy, and we've continued with the rollout of Austin Birch. While it might not be what we originally envisioned, we've been able to host a series of virtual dinners, with a DIY component, for our friends and colleagues in the industry. Dinner has been on us in support of Toronto's hard-hit hospitality scene. 



We're doing our part. And now we're asking you to do yours. Help us #PayitForward with a simple act of kindness by donating to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Access to food is a challenge for too many members of our community on a good day, let alone during a pandemic where stores are busier, operate during reduced hours, and have less items on shelves because we're all stocking up more than usual. Did you know that after they've paid for housing, the average food bank client has $7.83 per left per day to cover all other expenses – including food – making it impossible for them to stock the recommended supply of provisions for their family. 

Your #PayitForward donation will help Daily Bread Food Bank continue to provide uninterrupted service and access to food to the most vulnerable members of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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