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The Challenge - Return walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls
The Challenge - Return walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls

Suzanne Wilkinson - Walk to Niagara Falls

Now more than ever, Daily Bread Food Bank needs your help.

Many are feeling a bit helpless and to a great extent, social isolation is precluding our volunteerism.

Giving money to charity is a way to fight this. I am trying to inspire people to give (as they are able) during this pandemic.

As I hope to demonstrate a way to stay fit, I have chosen the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto as the charity for this fundraiser.


Since the pandemic started I have been walking 4 miles per day (x 6 days a week).

That equals 175 miles or 276 km, that's more than the distance from where I live  to Niagara Falls (100 miles or 161 km)!



Of course, I'm not REALLY walking to Niagara Falls and back, but I will be walking inside in the lowest level of my parking garage (in poor weather) or outside (better days) in my neighborhood (4 – 5 PM, Mon – Sat).


So, as I set out on this virtual journey once again,  I invite you to donate to Daily Bread Food Bank to help encourage me to keep me going and reach my personal goal of $6,000!  The Daily Bread Food Bank has encouraged me to set the new goal of $10,000.00, as the need is so great.  This increased goal can not be achieved with out your generous support. THANK YOU.  

“Did you know that nearly 12 times more people in Toronto are asking for help with food security right now? As food insecurity continues to increase rapidly, your gift will enable the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto to continue to provide uninterrupted service to our community, and will help ensure that everyone's right to food is realized in the weeks and months ahead. At Daily Bread’s on-site food bank in Etobicoke, we have seen a 122% increase in average daily visits since COVID-19 hit our city.”       Neil Hetherington, CEO

After they’ve paid for housing, the average food bank client has $7.83 per left per day to cover all other expenses – including food – making it impossible for them to stock the recommended supply of provisions for their family. 



In these Covid-19 days, since I can’t distribute this Challenge information personally, would you be most kind to send this out to friends by e-mail, or print it and hand it to others who you think might support this effort. I am grateful for this help. 


To donate online by credit card just click on the yellow "Donate Now" button near the top right hand corner or feel free to drop a cheque in our mailbox. 



Thank you for your support and generosity on behalf of the marginalized in our city. In partnership with you, blessings to all, stay healthy, strong and be hopeful.

Suzanne Wilkinson

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