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The Daily Bread Food Bank needs your help.


Their Vision: To end hunger in our city of Toronto.
Their Mission: Collaborate with all to eliminate food insecurity and advocate solutions to end poverty.

Daily Bread Food bank works towards long-term solutions to end hunger and poverty and runs innovative programs to support individuals experiencing food insecurity from 135 member agencies across toronto.

Did you know

  • 1 in 5 people in Toronto are food insecure
  • COVID-19 has exacerbated food insecurity; with usage has increased 65% year over year
  • In Toronto, 29% of food bank clients are children and youth

Your donations today will help with:

  • The distribution of fresh and nutritious food for families and individuals in need. Although food donations are incredible important, monetary donations allow for fresh and more nutrient rich foods to reach individuals in need.
  • Donations go directly into the community, as the daily bread has increased their funding to member agencies by 870% throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help them meet the increased client volume and invest in infrastructure to allow them to continue to serve the community safely.
  • Support the advancement of research and policy recommendations that advocate for increased access to affordable housing, income supports and other measures that lift families out of poverty.Prior to COVID-19, there were an average of 65,000 monthly visits to Daily Bread member food banks. By December 2020, this number had climbed to more than 110,000.

As food bank use continues to rise, it's more important than ever to ensure everyone's right to food is realized.That's why Fipp is supporting The Daily Bread Food Bank through fundraisering to help our local community in ending food insecurity.

Thank you for your generous support. 

The Flipp Outreach Team 



Click the "DONATE NOW" button to make a gift to Daily Bread and help ensure our neighbours can continue to access fresh, nutritious food – in 2021 and beyond.


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