Daily Bread Fundraiser

Dillon Consulting's Drive

Thanksgiving Restock - Fall Food Drive Scavenger Hunt.
As noted earlier, the point system for the Monetary donation has changed since the inception however remains constant now at a 1:1 Dollar to point ratio. Also mentioned previously the points attributed to food are also one point for every portion (based on the suggested serving).

This week's standings are in! “Team P&A” to a fantastic start. With more non-perishable food items coming in! Some soups and beans added to the points, and the Crushed Tomatoes really "crushed" the points tally as the suggested serving portions are greater per can! Along with a healthy bump in monetary donations, Team P&A ramp up their points to 1698 Total Points so far! Way to go Team P&A!

The anonymously captained "Dillon Staffers" are still in second place. However I do see a strategy emerging . . . Dillon Staffers managed to bring in 552 points based on suggested servings alone! Monetary donations have also started to roll in bringing their current total points to 688 Total Points so far. I still expect they are planning something big for the final week!

To this we start our Lunch Week:
Week 3 - (Nov 4 - Nov 11) - Dinner - Pasta Sauce, Pasta, Rice, Canned Fish, Canned Vegetables,
Just because this week is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in breakfast and lunch food stuff. Your team will still receive one point for every food item.

As a reminder, monetary donations are valued at 1 point for every dollar donated! So look for your Team Donation Pages and Donate Today!

It is in respect to this that I'm going to switch up the points system. Instead of 1 point for every $10 donated, we are going to make the point system a 1:1 ratio. That is 1 point for every Dollar Donated!We have taken on the challenge to fill Toronto food bank's with fresh and nutritious food. Will you join us?   

Last year, there were over 900,000 visits to Toronto food banks. One third of food bank client's are children and youth. We think we can change those numbers. Please give generously and help end hunger in Toronto. 

Tax receipts are automatically issued for donations of $10+.    

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