Thank you for choosing to organize a drive! Your decision to fundraise for Daily Bread will put food on the table for hungry families and people across Toronto.

While food drives are important, raising funds in addition to food ensures that people like Miriam can provide her family with fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and dairy, in addition to pantry items.

Once you register, you will have access to a host of resources to run a successful food and fund drive. One of these tools is an online fundraising page that you can customize for your campaign. Treat this as a virtual food drive that gives you and your community the option to donate directly, saving everyone a trip to the grocery store and lugging heavy cans. Every dollar raised provides one healthy, complete meal to a hungry neighbour in your city.   

If you are only interested in collecting food, no worries! Sign up and you will have access to a library of resources including posters, most-wanted items and a food drive manual to make your drive a success.